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12 Ways to Save on Homeowner's Insurance

1. Select a Strong Insurer. Fast, fair claim service is a must when it comes to a homeowner’s policy. Ask about the company.

2. Don't Guess at Your Coverage. The cost of rebuilding your home might exceed your estimate. Consult your agent and determine how much you need to rebuild from the ground up. (In a fire, you could be left with just the foundation!)

3. Don't Under Insure Your Possessions. Saving a few dollars up front could cost you a significant amount of money at a time of loss.

4. Always Opt for Replacement Value. Unless you insure for replacement cost of household possessions, you will be paid only the purchase price, less depreciation, for items burned or stolen.

5. Choose an Appropriate Deductible. The higher the amount of a property loss you elect to "self-insure" the lower your premium is likely to be. ($500 is fairly standard but $1,00 is affordable for most homeowners.)

6. Schedule Art, Furs, Antiques and Collectables. Make certain all items of this nature, (especially those worth more than face value) are separately "scheduled" for their worth.

7. Ask About "Off Premises" Coverage. Don't take a chance with expensive equipment. Make sure your insurance covers possessions in transit and for "Mysterious Disappearance". (lack of coverage can be an extremely costly mistake.)

8. Make Sure You Get Proper "Credits". Many policies provide discounts for central and other alarm systems, for proximity to fire hydrants and fire stations, for proper smoke alarms.

9. Check on Your Coverage for Living Expenses. In the event of fire or other damage to your home, your policy should provide adequate payment for alternate lodging during the period of rebuilding.

10. Find Out About Excess Liability. Don't take basic liability coverage for granted, especially if you have "Attractive Hazards" such as a swimming pool or "Frisky" pets. (lawsuit settlements really have become excessive.)

11. Don't Ignore Earthquake and Flood Insurance. "It can't happen here" has cost many a homeowner thousands of dollars and countless grief. Neither peril is covered under standard policies - Check Them Out!

12. Most Important...  Talk to Us!

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