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Insurance for Temples


Temple Insurance Experts

Types of Coverage

Please contact us for more information on a policy created specifically for the needs of your synagogue or temple.
Felsen Insurance Services is the largest privately owned provider in the country of insurance for synagogues and temples.



·       Pastoral counseling - $1,000,000

·       Stained glass, pews, signs and fences

·       Newly acquired buildings and personal property, including buildings in the course of construction, covered up to $500,000

·       Umbrella excess liability

·       Building ordinance coverage - $500,000

·       Fire Department service charge - $50,000

·       Trees, shrubs and plants - $25,000

·       Outdoor property (fences, lights, playground equipment, signs) - $100,000

·       Pollutant clean up and removal - $25,000

·       Debris Removal - $25,000

·       Computer Equipment – included in business personal property

·       Spoilage - $25,000

·       Broadened water - $250,000

·       Gravemarkers/headstones - $25,000 per occurrence, $50,000 per year

·       Certified Acts of Terrorism










Additional Coverage:

      Property coverages

Blanket building and contents. All-risk.  Replacement cost coverage, agreed amount valuation. Fine arts, specifically listed. All-risk, subject to a $500 deductible.
Commercial general liability coverages

$1,000,000/2,000,000 bodily injury and property damage liability. Includes coverage for teachers liability, nursery school program, broad form property damage, host liquor liability, incidental medical malpractice, personal injury, advertising liability, contractual liability and non-owned and hired auto liability.

      Crime coverages 

Employee dishonesty - $50,000 per employee (includes volunteers). Money and securities covered up to$25,000 on and $25,000 off the premises; depositors forgery - $25,000. Higher limits available.


      Umbrella excess liability


Directors and Officers Liability Includes employment practices liability.
This is an illustration. Exact terms and conditions are governed by the policy


·       Personal effects -$25,000 ($5,000 per person)

·       Valuable papers and records are included in the amount of $50,000

·       Business income and extra expense to continue operations – Actual Loss Sustained

·       Property off premises is included for $50,000

·       Consequential loss to personal property caused by changes in temperature or humidity

·       Personal injury, advertising and contractual liability

·       Premises medical payments - $15,000

·       Coverage of employees, both paid and volunteer, as additional insureds

·       Teachers liability, including corporal punishment

·       Day care liability

·       Nursery school liability

·       Child and sexual molestation - $1,000,000

·       Cemetery liability

The following are
automatically included:






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